Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Ice Season

Well winter is upon us and the ice fishing season will be in over drive soon if its not already in your area. This is the time of year when most are lounging in there lazy chair with their feet at a warm fire. Not for us however. We are a different breed. A breed who gets as excited this time as any other time of year.
I'd like to mention how discouraging big equipment and published magazines can be. Reading reviews and articles making it seem as though you need a fancy underwater camera or a $300 pole are an absolute must to catch big fish.
This is simply untrue. The same thing you intend to accomplish with an expensive underwater camera or sonar can be done with a ten dollar topical map from WalMart and some know-how. A little knowledge of the fish species you're targeting in respect to feeding and staging habits coupled with what you know about the water temp (can be found online daily) is all you really need.