Wednesday, January 21, 2015

SX3 Vs. REM1187

I've decided to compare and review the Winchester sx3 and Remington 1187. However in the end I will not give a biased opinion. I would like to let you decide. Comment and let me know where you stand and What has been your experience with either gun?

Remington 11 87 Premier 12 Ga Shotgun Product Review Details
Manufacturer: Remington
Model: 11 87 Premier
Product Type: 12 Ga Shotgun
Purchase Price: $907
Time Tested: 6 Months
Testing Conditions: Rain, snow, sun
Temperature Range: 45-90
Testing Terrain: Hardwoods, open field
Recommended: Yes
I bought this gun to have a good gun to shoot trap and to hunt with. It does cycle the light loads alright as long as you use Remington ammunition. It is supposed to cycle anything that is 1OZ or heavier, but it doesn't(unless you use Remington ammo). It is a very good gun with great looks and great function. I use it as a squirrel gun, waterfowl gun, turkey gun, and a trap gun. It is very versatile and I would give the green light to purchase it if you want a nice autoloader that doesn't cost a fortune.

     I purchased a Winchester Super X 3 a couple months ago, the SX3 was the waterfowl edition chambered for 3.5" shells. Since owning the gun I've cycled 1 case of 2 3/4" shells, 3 boxes of 3" waterfowl loads and 2 box of 3.5" shells. My initial impression of this gun is that it draws up to my shoulder nicely, and with the included stock shims allowed me to fine tune my shotgun to exactly how I liked it. The gun came with a nice choke tube set that is specifically designed for heavy waterfowl loads. After pattern testing I decided the stock chokes were sufficient. The SX3 came with a fiber optic front sight perfect for those low light early morning hunts.
     Winchester/Browning seems to have listened to their customers when bringing a true waterfowl gun to the market. I really enjoy the Dura-Tech stock and forearm, the firearm does not slip at all when drawing fast on some low flying woodies. All in all I really enjoy this gun, it's light weight, low recoil, superb finish, and ease of assembly makes this one of my favorite guns, even though I've had a few issues with this firearm.
     Three weeks ago I was goose hunting and had 3.5" Hevi-shot BB's for geese. When I came home after hunting and started to tear down the SX3 I noticed that the gas piston was broken. It appeared that the spring inside the piston had shattered in 5 pieces. I removed the sections of spring. I received a new part at my local gun store the next day. I was back in business for hunting. I also notice that this is a very common problem with the SX3 shotgun. There are fixes to eliminate the spring all together, and many say it performs well without ill effects.
 1. Feel of the gun
 2. Fit and finish
 3. Invector-Plus choke tubes
 4. Recoil
 5. Weight
 1. Gas piston problem
 2. Bolt catch was eliminated