Monday, January 26, 2015

Small Arms for Small Game

     I would invite anyone to try small game hunting with an air gun. It takes a little skill and is one of the most rewarding and fun aspects of our sport that I've ever tried. Using the right air gun can be as effective as a .22 in most situations, so long as your not going out of your way to make a miraculous 100 yard shot.
     Small game hunting with an air gun is much like hunting with a .22 caliber rifle, with the exception that your range is shortened greatly. I would say around 40 yards at 1000 fps. This is where skill comes in. Having to use your surroundings and marksmanship skills is a must. I liken it to a well trained sniper in a field exercise. I'm sure you've seen a squirrel our a rabbits actions when they catch you meandering through they're chunk of forest. It's erratic to say the least. I once was able to harvest 2 squirrels and a rabbit from the same spot in about 10 minutes. Yet on another occasion I was just walking carefully through the woods and couldn't harvest a single animal. Without the speed of the .22 it becomes very hard to hit a running, flailing squirrel.
     I recently took on a small project company fixing air guns. Yesterday I received a Crossman 1088 from a client in Ohio via UPS. This gun was completely disassembled and what the customer considers beyond repair. The only missing part was a simple trigger spring. After a couple replaced seals and a new trigger spring, the Crossman is ready to be sent back after just one day. The reason I'm telling you this is to prove the simplicity of an air rifle. They can be modified and repaired for cheap, or by a "Do it Yourselfer" with a bit of knowledge.
     Air guns are well designed, fun, easy to use pieces of equipment that are capable of bringing home the bacon if you will. Some air guns are even capable of taking whitetails and wild hogs. I invite you to explore the world of air guns. It will completely renew your vision of what a small game hunt is. My recommendation is to skip the WalMart brand pea shooters and pick up a good quality air gun. With quality you'll have accuracy, reliability and it will last you a life time.