Monday, February 2, 2015

A couple tips for readers

On a daily basis people think to themselves "there's got to be an easier way". Well here are some tips I have for my readers and a couple my friends have offered me for the same purpose.

Hearty Catfish Bait
     Save chicken and turkey hearts for catfish. Their bloody and smelly like a liver bait but tougher therefore easier to keep on the hook. You'll frequently be able to hook more than one cat on this bait. Store in the freezer in a regular zip-lock bag.

Clamps In A Pinch
     Need a clamp? Try an old set of jumper cables. Just remove the wire and in an instant you have a solid set of clamps. They tend to hold pretty tight as well

Corn Cobb Fire Starters
     Soak old corn cobs in kerosene and store in freezer bags. When a fire needs to be started just pull one out light it and throw it in the stove or burn pile. Kerosene burns slower and doesn't combust in the way gasoline does so you'll have a moment to do this. Never use gasoline and never store in your home. Store in a shed our at your wood pile.

Whatever Proof Zippo
     Cut a 2 inch section of bicycle tubing and roll out over your Zippo lighter. When you need to use your Zippo just roll the end down enough to open the lighter. The rubber tube also makes a handy fire starter. That's it.

Thank you for reading. Any ideas, suggestions, comments are always welcome. I'd love to here your tips and I'll post then in a future article with your name and link to your site.